Murder Mystery Dinners

Tuesday 15 August – Lethal Lovers

Tony and Eve are having a not too discreet affair. Although Tony is happy to deceive his wife and family, Eve discovers she has a conscience after all. She is trying to persuade Tony to come clean and leave his wife and has threatened to tell the old bat herself if he won’t. Will things go well for our star-crossed lovers or will their world come crashing down around them? Come to our Valentine’s party and discover for yourself.

Tuesday 16 May – Masked Murder

Guests are invited to a Masquerade Ball at Imperial Hall, home of the Earl and Countess of Splendor; which is being held to celebrate the winning of 34 medals at The Paris Summer Olympics in this Year of Our Lord 1924. Amongst the dignitaries, celebrities and friends are some who have an axe to grind. Jealousy and animosity are rife in the hearts of a few; perhaps things will not go as well as expected for the Earl and Countess tonight. You will be mixing with the very best of our nobility so please come dressed in your finest masquerade costumes.

Entertainment provided by It’s Murder.

A three-course dinner will be served in Restaurant 1914 during the events. Restaurant 1914 is situated on the Upper Circle level of the Alhambra Theatre and has superb views over City Park.

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