You spoke, we listened: Bradford Theatres Website updated and improved
In February 2015 we added a feedback submission form to our website so you could let us know if you had encountered any problems when booking tickets, or if you had any recommendations on how we could improve the website in general.
Here’s what you told us; and what we did:
1. Added 'day of the week' to event listings
You spoke: "Please state the day of the week as well as the date!"
We listened: The day of the week that the event takes place is now visible on the show web page, meaning you no longer have to cross reference with another calendar.
2. Better website accessibility for screen readers
You spoke: "At the bottom of the times and dates list, there is an explanation of three symbols for audio described, signed and captioned shows. Being visually impaired I use speech screen reading computer software that only speaks the text, ignoring symbols. Consequently, we cannot find out which shows are audio described."
We listened: We have added ‘alt text’ to the symbols for audio described, signed and captioned symbols, so screen readers will transcribe what the symbols mean.
3. Improved seat selection on mobile devices
You spoke: “It is impossible to select the seats you want when booking on a mobile phone.”
We listened: We have added a feature where you can select the Best Available Seats for a performance, without having to use the seat selection tool. All you have to do is select the price bracket you want and you will be given the best seats in that range.
4. Clearer error messages on seat selection
You spoke: ”The website just keeps bouncing me back to the same seating section every time. Its driving me up the wall.”
We listened: When you select tickets for a show you are unable to leave isolated seats in the theatre. If your selection leaves isolated seats, you will not be able to proceed to the next stage of booking. We have changed the styling of the error message displayed when this happens, so it is clear what you need to change to continue with your booking.

5. Account login error issue solved
You spoke: "I have just registered and been sent email to change password but cannot get it accepted. Irrespective of the number of characters or type of characters"

"Tried to book online can't reset password."

We listened: We researched why this is happening and found that, on some browsers and screen sizes, there was an error so the 'confirm password' box didn't appear. This has now being resolved so all users should be able to access there account without experience any problems.

We appreciate our customer feedback and we want to continue to improve our website. If you have a comments please click the GIVE FEEDBACK button on the right hand side of your screen. 

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