The Alhambra Theatre
24 - 25 October 2014

Grupo Corpo combine the precision of classical ballet with the sensuality and passion of Latin dance rhythms, filling the stage with elegant, virtuosic and joyful dance which has audiences in raptures.

"Their combination of sharp precision and breezy relaxation is unlike anything I have ever seen"
The Daily Telegraph

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The Alhambra Theatre

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More Information on Grupo Corpo

Brazil's internationally acclaimed dance company makes a welcome return to the UK following its enormously successful tour in 2005.  With a history stretching back nearly 40 years, Grupo Corpo's virtuosic 22 dancers combine the precision of classical ballet with the sensuality and passion of Latin dance rhythms.  Grupo Corpo translates as Group Body, reflecting the movement style of the dancers, who co-ordinate to fill the stage with unmatched energy and excitement. 

The Company perform two pieces, choreographed by artistic director Rodrigo Pederneiras.  The first of these, Parabelo, was described by Pederneiras as his most Brazilian creation and is inspired by life in rural Brazil.  It sees the dancers sweep across the stage, moving rhythmically from group to solo and back again.  There are moments of utter peace and stillness and others of raucous Brazilian carnival. 

SemMim is a darker piece which takes its inspiration from a Portuguese song cycle and focuses on a group of women who lament the departure of their lovers.  Dressed in intricately patterned and colourful bodysuits, the dancers move as waves; the ebb and flow of their bodies mimicking the calm and fury of the sea.  A shimmering net hangs over the stage.

"Grupo Corpo's dancers are justly celebrated for their virtuosity, and when 22 of them are moving in rippling, flickering, high kicking unison, the audience are guaranteed a physical thrill"  The Guardian

"Grupo Corpo is remarkable for the disciplined, uniform precision of its spectacular dancing, performed by virtuoso dancers who seamlessly integrate disparate influences into their ever-malleable, apparently tireless bodies."  The New York Times

"Grupo Corpo is a distinctive voice on the global contemporary dance scene."  The Times

There will be a free post-show Q&A with members of the company after the first performance.

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