St George's Hall
17 December 2014

Ray Jackson, whose unique mandolin, harmonica and vocal styles helped create the original sound of Lindisfarne in the 1970s, is back, and will be performing live in concert with his new Lindisfarne Mk 3 band.

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St George's Hall

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More Information on Ray Jackson's Lindisfarne

Last year a date for Ray Jackson's Legendary Lindisfarne Christmas Show was announced......Jacka's first Lindisfarne show for 23 years!  After originally only intending to perform a single show at Newcastle City Hall (which sold out within hours of being announced), a 2nd and 3rd show was announced which resulted in all tickets being sold, such was the demand.

The new band came about as a result of the future of Newcastle City Hall being in doubt. Ray Jackson was asked to support the campaign to save the iconic City Hall, 23 years after departing from the original Lindisfarne line-up.

Ray Jackson's Lindisfarne is Jacka's Lindisfarne Mk 3 band as Ray Jackson jointly fronted both the original Lindisfarne (1970/73 and 1976/90) and Lindisfarne Mk 3 band (1973/75), recording all of the band's hits and appearing, along with the late Alan Hull, on every studio album for the first 20 years of Lindisfarne's existence. 
The new 2013 Lindisfarne Mk 3 band is comprised of 5 former members of Lindisfarne from all three past eras of the band along with Geordie drummer Paul Thompson, known by Roxy Music fans worldwide as "the great Paul Thompson" and may be augmented by other musicians.

During rehearsals with this new line-up earlier in the year, Ray Jackson was blown away by the superb Lindisfarne sound that resulted. Jacka and Charlie Harcourt (guitarist with Lindisfarne Mk 2 1973-1975) were always musically very close (prior to which, coincidently, Charlie Harcourt turned down the opportunity to join the original Roxy Music). However it was not until July 19th 2012, at the Alan Hull Memorial unveiling, that Ray Jackson first performed with Dave Hull-Denholm and Ian Thomson.

Steve Daggett, (whose persistence in keeping the beacon burning in the North-East these past 10 years is to be applauded), along with Paul Thompson, (described recently by Rod Clements as "a particularly inspired choice") make Ray Jackson's Lindisfarne Mk 3 a highly unique line-up.

Although nothing could ever replicate the original band, during an interview in May 2013, Ray Jackson explained that the new line-up was musically so exceptional and sounded so like the original Lindisfarne and that they were all developing so very much in rehearsals, that he has decided to continue with his 3rd Lindisfarne line-up for the foreseeable future.

The new Lindisfarne band are:

▪     Ray Jackson - Lindisfarne founder member... mandolin/harmonica/lead vocals

▪     Dave Hull-Denholm from the 1990s Lindisfarne line-up... guitars/lead vocals

▪     Paul Thompson from Roxy Music... drums

▪     Ian Thomson from the 1990s Lindisfarne line-up... bass guitar/double bass/vocals

▪     Charlie Harcourt from Lindisfarne Mk 2.. guitars/vocals

▪     Steve Daggett toured and recorded with the (reformed in 1978) original line-up... guitars/keyboards/vocals

▪     Tom Leary Special guest from Feast Of Fiddles,  performed with the new Lindisfarne line-up last year...  fiddle

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