Bing and Flop come to Bradford

When the producers of Bing Live, Minor Entertainment, were looking for a venue to photograph the stars of the show - the puppets Bing and Flop - they could think of none more beautiful than the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford which the show will visit on 10 and 11 July 2018. Minor Entertainment took the opportunity to give some “Bingsters” the chance to meet the CBeebies favourites, running an exclusive competition with Pulse FM for one family to meet the characters.

On Monday 9 April, Bing and Flop with a team of helpers took the train from London to Bradford and had a wonderful day at the Alhambra Theatre, with a special guided tour of the theatre followed by a meeting with some lucky Bingsters!

The Pulse FM competition winner was birthday girl, Gracie-Mae, who celebrated her 5th birthday by meeting Bing and Flop, along with her little sister Esmae.

Mum Stephanie said
“On the 9th of April my two beautiful girls woke up very, very excited girls! All because they got to do what every child dreams of doing - meeting their favourite characters. The girls absolutely loved being able to get up close to Bing and Flop to give them a big hug. I'd like to thank the staff and the Bing team for treating Gracie and Esmae as VIP guests. We are now on the countdown to seeing the Bing Live show in July!”

From June this year, Bing and his friends are going on tour in the first ever Bing stage show. Brought to life in a brand-new stage production full of fun, laughter, music and magical puppetry, Bing Live is the perfect first theatre trip for pre-schoolers and their families.

Join Bing, Sula, Coco and Pando as they learn how to tell stories by pretending, dressing-up and singing songs. Flop and Amma are there to help, but in this magical world of make-believe things don’t always go according to plan…
Going to the theatre… it’s a Bing thing!

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