Northern Ballet premieres a triple bill of works at the Alhambra Theatre

Gloria – A deeply moving piece inspired by Vera Brittain’s wartime memoir Testament of Youth, in which the author laments the sacrifice of her fiancé and brother during World War I. A haunting tribute to the fallen, Gloria depicts the futility and brutality of war made all the more painful by contrasting moments recalling happier times of hopeful joy.

Las Hermanas – Meaning ‘The Sisters’, tells the story of five sisters living under the oppressive rule of their mother. The contrasting temperaments of each sister are demonstrated through MacMillan’s choreography which explores the powerful effects of sexuality, repression and jealousy, and when the younger sister seduces the eldest sister’s fiancé, the consequences are devastating.

Concerto - was originally created by Kenneth MacMillan for Deutsche Oper Ballet, Berlin to showcase the vivacity of the Company. A dazzling classical piece, Concerto perfectly complements the energy and precision of Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Major to which it is performed.

One of the leading choreographers of his generation, Sir Kenneth MacMillan enjoyed a close association with The Royal Ballet where he held positions as Director and Principal Choreographer. With a choreographic career spanning nearly four decades he created almost 100 works, many of which are still in the repertoires of leading companies across the globe. This triple bill will be the first time Northern Ballet has performed work by the internationally celebrated MacMillan and coincides with the 25th anniversary of his death.

Northern Ballet’s Artistic Director, David Nixon OBE, said:

‘I have long desired to perform a programme of Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s work. It is of the upmost importance for dancers and audiences not only to see the new, but to connect with our heritage. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Lady MacMillan, Kevin O’Hare and the Royal Opera House, Northern Ballet will be able to perform this programme of some of MacMillan’s greatest works. The programme shows the great depth and diversity of this choreographic master and will demonstrate the strengths of Northern Ballet while providing new opportunities for growth. This is an extraordinary moment in our history as a ballet company.’

Photo by Guy Farrow

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