Steve Harley Trio

Fresh from receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for Acoustic Music from the Acoustic Festival of Britain in June 2018, the performance at King’s Hall promises subtle lyricism, mingled with great improvisation and rocky rhythms.

Featuring tracks from 13 of Steve’s original albums, this show includes all-time favourites like Mr Soft, Judy Teen, Mr Raffles, Sebastian, and of course the world-wide classic hit, Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me), all blending in with more recent tracks from critically-acclaimed albums The Quality Of Mercy and Stranger Comes To Town.

Playing the songs in an acoustic format gives me time and space to enjoy every second. And we improvise, which is always a big excitement for any musician. We can loosen off the arrangements and really explore. It gets pretty exciting during the acoustic sets,” says Steve Harley.

“One of the finest lyricists Britain has ever produced,” Rod Stewart

“Harley creates rock songs that are proud, lyrical and full of yearning,” MOJO

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