A Christmas Evening with Merrill Osmond

Playing hits from The Osmonds such as One Bad Apple, Let Me In, Love Me For A ReasonGoin’ Home, The Proud One, I Can’t Stop, Having A Party and of course Crazy Horses

Merrill will also talk about his experiences growing up within one of the world’s biggest bands, and give an insight into some of the stars he has met and what inspired him to write so many famous hits. 

In his own right, Merrill Osmond is an established solo artist and has toured around the globe performing in major venues across the UK and USA and singing the lead on 27 gold records, as well as producing and writing both music and lyrics for five number one hit records. 

The Osmonds have an amazing 47 platinum and gold records to their credit, with no other recording artists earning as many gold records in one year as the Osmond family.

He will be joined on stage by a very special guest, his nephew David Osmond.

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