Steve Steinman gets the New Year off to an Explosive Start as Vampires Rock takes to the Stage at St George's Hall

Long before the world became obsessed with the likes of Twilight and True Blood, hit musical, Vampires Rock, paved the way for all things supernatural.  Telling the story of Baron Von Rockula (Steve Steinman), the show is set in the aptly named Club Live & Let Die. The Baron is on the look-out for a new bride when along comes Pandora, a naive and geeky young singer looking to audition for a place in the club’s resident rock back. Cue lots of comedy, fantastic costumes and a fair amount of fake blood as the Baron attempts to teach Pandora the ways of ‘Rock’ against a heady backdrop of well-known rock anthems by acts such as Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Meat Loaf, Queen and many more.

Since its creation in 2003, the show has gone from strength to strength with creator and star Steve Steinman keen to add things to keep the fans coming back. He said: “When we started out the show was a bit smaller than it is now, over the years we’ve added more dancers, more costumes, more pyrotechnics, we’ve introduced fire dancing and we recently added a silk dancing routine as well. We always keep the tours fresh by changing some of the songs that feature, of course there’s some that’ll never be missed out - I don’t think we’d ever get away with not doing Bat Out of Hell, the fans wouldn’t stand for that!”

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