Partition comes to The Studio this November

Partition, a collaboration between BBC Radio Leeds and the West Yorkshire Playhouse, tells the compelling, moving – and often very funny – story of a young Muslim woman Saima and a young Sikh man Ranjit. They are preparing for their wedding day, which is overshadowed by their families’ fierce opposition to the marriage. It is quite possible that no-one will turn up for the ceremony at the Town Hall - hate not love hangs over the couple’s union. 

Partition tells the tale of how, 70 years after it was abruptly divided, the history of the Indian subcontinent continues to tear families apart. 

In 1947 British India, as it was then known, was divided along religious lines, creating the two independent states of India and Pakistan. It resulted in the displacement of millions of people and triggered large-scale violence. A dark and difficult period of history which tore families and communities apart, its consequences are still being felt by generations today.

Recommended age 14+

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